We are devoted to becoming the profit partner of
enterprise decision maker
Focusing on the research about how to increase the sales volume of large and middle retail goods manufacturers,
distributors and retail stores so as to provide safe and effective sales management tools for clients.
System users spread over China Mainland.
Renewal rate
More than 100 million yuan
Daily transaction flow
More than 20000
More than 1200 thousand
Retail stores

Service keywords

FMCG(Fast Moving Consumer Goods)
Depth distribution
Store Development
Order Management
Inventory Management
Expense Verification

Business keywords

SaaS(Software As A Service)
DSM(Demand Signal Management)
Game Theory of Management
Mobile Sales Management
Big Data Analysis
Supply Chain Finance
Current users number
Integrate Demand Information Management Theory (DMS) and Game Management Thought.
Apply mobile internet, cloud platform, big data analysis and business intelligence.

Forces Beyond Interactive Co., Ltd. is an integrated service provider for Outer Resource Planning solution. Our team, constituted by all kinds of experts from home and abroad over different fields like marketing management, mobile technology, enterprise Informatization and big data analysis, offers a series of comprehensive professional services on informatization enquiry, system planning, system developing, operation maintenance and after-sales service.

Our company’s product IEM ORP(IEM - Outer Resource Planning)is the partner system of enterprise management system ERP (regarded as the “eyes” of ERP system). The system integrates demand information management theory and game management thought, applying technologies such as mobile Internet, cloud platform, big data analysis and business intelligence to conduct scientific sales forecast, in order to reduce inventory as well as improve fund-using efficiency, helping to create an all-win situation for stores, channel distributors, enterprises and employees! So far the system has hit a daily transaction flow of over 100 million yuan, serving more than20,000 distributors and 1,200,000 outlets. Its service covers 97.79% of the mainland China with a renewal rate up to 100% and service length of over 8 years.

Since its foundation in 2007, our company holds the belief firmly that customer’s business is as important as ours, helping large and middle FMCG, fresh goods, 3C and agricultural goods enterprises like China Oil and Food Import and Export Corporation, Lenovo, Jinmailang, Kinghey, Hongxingyuan, Shuangfeng to complete the management transition into Internet Plus mode by applying IEM system and extend its management to terminal parts and consumers. We help the enterprises, their partners and staff realize constant performance improvement. In the meanwhile, IEM cooperates with bank systems so as to provide continuous, stable and low-cost supply chain fund support.

IEM is focused on assisting enterprises in constantly increasing profits!

Forces Beyond Interactive is dedicated to becoming the sales partner of enterprise desicion-maker!

Corporate Philosophy
Social Value
We take deep root into the biologic chain of social value,
and become an indispensable part of social value chain,
so as to maximize our own social value.
Revive from the ashes of death
Since the corporate foundation,
failure is never off the table.
Thus, we take every step carefully and pursue the best any time!
Corporate culture
Know the how and why!
Don’t be confused by the appearance but look into the nature of things. Stay hungry, stay foolish. Sometimes, the paper of diploma will stand in the way of learning.
What we deliver must be excellent!
We shall carry an awareness of self pride and excellence pursuit. As Jobs said, we don’t get a chance to do that many things, and every one should be really excellent.
The one who bear the weight will lift the crown!
Let go of your responsibility, let go of your success.
Our Team
David Wang
Ying Zhou
Weijin Li
Buton Cao
Hope Kong
Anne Wang
Business VP
Pete Cong
QA Director
Tank Tian
Team Leader
Dong Liang
Stone Yang
Xiukui Chen
Fei Xue
Meisheng Xue
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【快消波士堂】第十二集:做一个行胜于言的好老板– 留在嘴边的叫空想,做出来才是传奇

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Lecture Hall



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